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'I had a real turning point in my life & contacted Alison for a reading.  I was a little nervous but all that changed the moment I met her.  She was truly amazing & I went from not knowing where to turn to finding the right direction. I would highly recommend Alison, she is a lovely lady' - Rachel, Shropshire.

'Her Tarot readings are so amazing & accurate, helping me make sense of my past, present & future; feeling spiritually cleansed by the whole experience, thank you' - Mrs B, Derbyshire.

'Thank you Alison, I can't tell you how much your readings have helped me' - CJ, Shropshire

'Lovely to speak with you again, your guidance has kept me going through a really tough year' - LW, Cornwall

'Would just like to say a massive thank you, my reading was incredible and I will be highly recommending you' - JC, Devon

'Once again, your accuracy was spot on, thank you' - P, Staffordshire

'Your readings are brilliant and really helped me when I needed it most, thank you so much' - MP, Shropshire

'Your readings have helped me so much, from my heart thank you' - BN, Europe

'Huge thanks for today, it was very helpful and reassuring, I really appreciated everything you highlighted' - EL, Devon

'As always, your accuracy was really good' - Mrs H, Shropshire

'Alison has taught me for both Reiki 1 & Reiki 2 . It has been a life changing experience; Alison is brilliant at supporting you & giving you the confidence to achieve your aims. I’ve learnt loads & I am still learning. Highly recommend Alison.' - Sam H, Shropshire

'I have had several readings from Alison & they are always detailed and very accurate. Love her work. Thanks Alison' - LW, Melbourne, Australia.

'My girlfriends & I absolutely loved our evening with Alison. Alison came to our private party & throughout the evening saw 11 of us for tarot & ribbon readings. We were all really impressed with the readings which have made a lasting impression. For me personally, Alison provided an incredibly accurate insight into my past & present & offered excellent guidance on the future. Thank you Alison!' 

'Just amazing, she gave me advice & guidance which I really needed. She knew so much about my life even though we had never met. She is currently teaching me Reiki & I believe this will also help me on my future path. She always makes me feel comfortable and she is fascinating' - Ms J, Shropshire

'Alison has taught me level 1 & 2 in Reiki and I'm now just finishing my Reiki Masters & my Teaching qualification. Alison is very approachable & will always help you through. The way in which she taught made you feel very relaxed & at ease. The course taught me so much about myself & my life, & my life has changed because of it. I would highly recommend Alison because she teaches from the heart & is very passionate about what she does. Thank you Alison' - AP, Shropshire.

'I have had several readings from Alison via email, giving me a continued source of reassurance' – MJ, Boston, USA.

'Alison delivered the information I needed to hear gently, sensitively and clearly' - Miss RN, Birmingham. 

'Alison provides wonderful Reiki training which I have had the pleasure of completing' - RWS, Shropshire.

'I felt comfortable with Alison from the outset; her readings have guided me through some choppy waters & have been spot on' – Pam, Brighton.

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