Are you interested in learning how to work with Tarot cards, or already do so but would like to improve your skills? I offer personal tuition, usually to one or two students at a time; smaller numbers allow me to work more intuitively as every student has their own unique style. 


   I am a fully qualified Reiki Master Teacher (lineage will be provided). Courses available are Reiki Level One, Level Two Practitioner and Reiki Master; all courses are certified. 

   Discover for yourself this wonderful, and very easy, form of healing. "Reiki is a natural healing energy which works on every level, not just the physical. It is non-invasive, gentle yet powerful and may be used with confidence alongside orthodox healthcare. It promotes deep relaxation, and overall health and well-being." (UK Reiki Federation). 

   Everyone can learn Reiki, there are no tests or exams, and a full set of course notes will be provided. I am very happy to teach you either in your own home, or at any convenient location. Small or large numbers of students can all be catered for.

         Prices are kept at a sensible level as I strongly believe it should be accessible to everyone.


Photo by Benjamin at Lycettesq.com

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