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 Since early childhood, I have been aware of my naturally intuitive and otherworldly abilities; I have a wealth of experience over many years and I have also received expert mentoring in my craft. As well as the UK, my worldwide client base includes USA, Australia, Poland, Norway, France, Germany, Spain, Dubai, and Saudi Arabia amongst others.

   In order to give you the best and most comprehensive reading,  I work with Psychic and Intuitive energy, Colour, Tarot, Astrology, and any loved ones in Spirit to bring greater clarity, reassurance, suggested guidance and keys to your personal queries, as well as helping to clear any blocked energies that may be standing in your path. I work from a wisdom and healing perspective, helping you to achieve more of your potential in life. 

In addition to my love for Tarot and all things psychic, I have always had a deep connection to astrology, and I am therefore delighted to be currently studying with The London School of Astrology.

In 2008 I began a personal healing process, brought about by my aim of giving up smoking, which in turn led me to learn Reiki. Before the end of the first lesson, I had an overwhelming feeling that I had been placed where I was meant to be. By December that year I had worked my way up to Reiki Master, and then began teaching my own classes in 2010. Eleven years later, in 2021, I was struck by a serious health crisis and my life turned on a sixpence; the physical pain pushed me to the brink. My only option was to self-heal and so, more than ever before, I had to walk my talk. Having Reiki, and everything I had already learnt as part of my Reiki journey, available to me, literally saved my life. My courses not only teach you Reiki, but also empower you with various tools and resources to take charge of your own health, wellbeing and life.

As a result of the thousands of clients and students I have met over the years, my own personal development has continued at a pace, and I find I can still learn as much from them as they do from me. Acquiring wisdom takes experience and time.

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