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Hello, I'm Alison of Rowanna Tarot Readings.  Aware of my natural intuitive and otherworldly abilities from early childhood, I have a wealth of experience working as a Psychic Reader; my worldwide client base is continually expanding along with excellent reviews from very satisfied customers. I work with Tarot, Ribbons and Tree Spirit energies to provide suggested guidance, insight and reassurance to anyone who seeks it.

 I was been passionate about the Tarot from a very young age, when I discovered how it enhanced and supported my natural psychic abilities. As a child I was also very closely drawn to the use of colours, their various meanings and purposes, and I found this greatly helped my interpretation of the many layers of our existence. Throughout my personal life experiences and challenges, using a mix of the Tarot and colours has always provided me with the guidance and reassurance I have needed. Tree Spirit work became a significant part of my life as I went through my own personal healing; my innate love for the energy of trees brought me to work with them closely and listen to their wisdom. It's a strong connection which is continually growing for me. 

    During a particularly difficult phase of my own life, I received a reading from a very special and highly respected Wise Woman; soon after this I became her apprentice and was privileged to receive her training and guidance to enhance and hone my psychic and Tarot reading skills.  In addition, I was given the name Rowanna due to the personal significance and my lifelong connection with the Rowan tree. 


Why choose a Tarot/Psychic reading?

   Working with tools such as Tarot cards and coloured ribbons can enable release of blocked energies, give situations greater clarity, provide reassurance and offer answers to your personal queries. They are extremely useful resources to help you see your way forward, often at times of intense stress or confusion. In many instances, just one reading can prove to be life-changing and always for the better.

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